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Sustainable development

E.ON Polska

Better tomorrow

Climate has been changing quickly due to greenhouse gas emissions. Energy comprises over 70% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, we are more consistent than others in delivering solutions that help decarbonise the energy world. Our main objective is to improve people’s lives and create a better tomorrow. We are responsible, transparent and comprehensive in our actions. We try to build up the trust of our Customers, employees and of the society.

zrównoważony świat energetyczny

Do you want to achieve even more ambitious business goals, in harmony with the Earth’s natural resources and climate?

We believe that our main fields of activity will help make the energy world more sustainable. Hence your world will become more environmentally friendly.

How do we work?

Our Customers, from owners of small houses and small businesses up to industrial enterprises, developers and whole cities, more and more often look for smart solutions which will help use energy more efficiently, save money and emit less CO2. Digitisation supports it and creates new opportunities, such as digital energy management and smart houses technologies. With our products and services, we help our Customers become more sustainable.