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E.ON Polska

Our key activity are energy solutions for Customers, including supply with electrical energy and heat, using non-conventional, innovative technical solutions.

We approach new trends upfront in terms of district heating, i.e. we focus on decentralisation, decarbonisation and digitisation of generation assets and linear infrastructure. We focus on sustainable solutions for city districts and individual buildings. By investing in low-temperature grids, we are at the forefront of energy transition in Poland in the field of using waste heat and renewable energy sources, including heat pumps.

In our companies, we currently focus on gas cogeneration, as a milestone of the partial phase out of coal. One example is waste incineration plants that our companies, for example in Szczecin, work with, as well supercritical geothermal sources.

We have vast experience in accessing EU funds, through our regional companies, so we can swiftly and effectively conduct energy transition in the managed heating systems, creating significant value for our Customers, city inhabitants.

rozwińÖzania energetyczne