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Heat and energy
for you house.

E.ON Polska

Safe house with us

Your comfort is crucial for us. We know you expect much more than low tariffs. This is why we offer innovations, many years of experience and high-quality services. Thanks to over 1.5mln km of energy grids throughout Europe, we deliver energy, gas and heating services to 50mln customers. Thanks to the infrastructure, we provide smart and reliable power, so that you can focus on what matters most for you. Check our offer and be safe at home.

Heating and warm water

Ogrzewanie i ciepła woda
Ogrzewanie i ciepła woda

Full service of your house

Full service of your house
Full service of your house

Electrical energy

Electrical energy
Electrical energy

Heating and warm water

If you are looking for a safe, automatic heating for an apartment, as well as useful water heating system, this is the place for you. Thermal energy supplied by E.ON companies is a safe and comfortable solution available all year long.

We are present in cities and communes throughout Poland, and still expanding.
Contact us and see what we can offer.

Electrical energy at home

Electrical energy is vital in today’s world. We know it and offer complex solutions. Our offer guarantees a fixed electrical energy price throughout the year. You do not have to worry about changing market prices, you can focus on your family’s comfort and yourself.

Our offer gives you:

gwarancja ceny

A guarantee of a fixed price for the period of the agreement

indywidualne podejście

an individual approach

brak opłaty handlowej

no trading fee

roste zasady współpracy

simple cooperation principles



minimum formalności

few formalities