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Cities are becoming smart cities, which brings lots of benefits for city managers and inhabitants. Smart City first and foremost guarantees smart and sustainable development, which protects resources and helps local communities and economies develop.

We are proud to assist cities in the development. We cooperate with cities and developers throughout Europe, helping people like you take control and achieve breakthrough goals.

No matter how ambitious your vision is, you can use our experience and make the vision come true. From emissions reductions to producing own energy, from charging electrical cars to smart street lightning. We can make incredible things together.

Local development

We help communes develop their local energy sector.

We have the trust of communes for which long-term and stable cooperation matter. We share our vast experience in the heat and electrical energy distribution sector, and we provide advice services on the energy market. We work with local governments, as well as with central and regional authorities. If you are looking for an experienced partner that will create an innovative future based on development, we are there for you.

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mapa oddziałów

Szczecińska Energetyka Cieplna (SEC) produces, transfers, distributes and trades in heat from district heating grids and local heat sources on the territory of the city of Szczecin. Outside of the city, including the Western Pomerania province, like Świnoujście or Miedzyzdroje, the heat comes from local heating boilers. Additionally, the company transfers heat to teen towns and cities: Barlinek, Chojnice, Choszczno, Dębno, Łobez, Myśliborz, Słubice, Połczyn-Zdroj, Strzelce Krajeńskie and Zgorzelec.

SEC is an active electrical energy seller for final recipients and a producer of electrical energy from a high-efficiency co-generation system powered by a gas engine. SEC has launched its own photovoltaic installation of 100kW for the local “Dąbska” Heating Plant.

SEC has been hugely successful in obtaining EU funds for energy projects. So far, EU funds have amounted to PLN88m for the investments worth almost PLN233m.

ECO SA, as a capital group, provides complex energy services and operates 26 heating systems. The capital group consists of the following heating companies: ECO Jelenia Góra, ECO Kutno, ECO Tarnobrzeg, ECO Malbork and ECO Kogeneracja. The last one builds and operates cogeneration systems. Additionally, ECO SA is a shareholder of ECO Serwis and ECO Logistyka, providing services in investment completion and renovations, as well fuel supplies.

The company operates in the heating sector in the town of Skarżysko-Kamienna, and in a few other towns in Poland: Starachowice, Drzewica, Sokółka and Grójec. The main fields of activity are production and supply of electrical and heating energy.

E.ON edis energia Sp. z o.o is a company representing E.ON concern in Poland, with direct and indirect shares in a dozen Polish heating companies. The companies supply heat to the following towns and cities: Szczecin, Opole, Skarżysko-Kamienna, Starachowice, Grójec, Drzewica, Sokółka, Barlinek, Łobzo, Słubice, Połczyn-Zdrój, Dębno, Myślibórz, Strzelce Krajeńskie, Choszczno, Chojnice, Malbork, Kutno, Jelenia Góra, Kluczbork, Krapkowice, Strzelce Opolskie, Tarnobrzeg, Żary, Żagań, Nowa Sól.

These companies produce and distribute heat, as well as sell electrical energy to over 16.000 recipients in many regions in municipalities, as well as in education, services and other sectors.

The future belongs to cleaner energy

We want to be conscious and by investing in the Polish energy sector we would like to contribute to the development of cities and communes.

Therefore, we are making sure that our companies develop in a stable way and offer inhabitants of Polish cities and communes high quality services.

We distribute heat and cold, as well as sell electrical energy to over 16.000 recipients in many regions in municipalities, as well as in education, services and other sectors. Find out what we can do for your local government.

Key trends

We follow key trends in the energy sector

Energy transition of distribution grids of the past into smart energy grids of the future

Increasing demand for innovative consumer solutions

Rising global importance of renewable energy sources

Firma Przyjazna klientowi

We take care of our customers; we hone our offer and undergo training. Therefore, our companies enjoy the title of customer friendly companies.

Teraz Polska

Our portfolio includes the companies with the emblem of “Teraz Polska”. We continue to work to maintain the quality of technological and usage services and distinguish ourselves on the energy market.


The global energy market has been changing constantly which inspires us to look for newer and greener solutions. We have obtained the NO SMOG certificate of “A” class, which means no emissions. We want to contribute to the good quality of air in the cities where we are active, both for our customers and partners.

Certyfikat PreQurs

PreQurs certificate

All that is confirmed by the PreQurs NO SMOG certificate, class “A”, does not emit. Everyday, we want to improve the quality of our services We always strive for the best air quality in the cities where we are active.